Okay, so many months have passed since my last review. And thank you to all of you that have responded to my post about the Scams on Artfire and their customer service.

Here is a follow up of my progress with Artfire so far....
So I have been trying to upload all of my inventory from my Etsy shop onto my Artfire shop.
I followed all of the directions from the Artfire help page and have been successful with about uploading 20 of my items onto the Artfire platform.

But I have been having problems with uploading all of my CSV files from my Etsy shop onto the Artfire platform. When I went to upload the files on Artfire, nothing happens, none of my CSV files or listings show up. I know how to do this right because I have done this with success before.
And I keep trying to re-save my CSV file from Etsy and re-uploading it again on Artfire. I even tried doing this with different computers and still nothing. I tried to reboot my internet and nothing. I tried doing this for a period of over a month, so you can't say that there was a system glitch for that day. Because I was trying to do this everyday for over a month time.

And then finally, I called Artfire customer service. They were very helpful at first and even told me to email them my CSV file so that they can upload it for me. The lady on the phone got back to me the next day via email and asked me to resend my CSV file again because they could not open the file that I sent before. Ok, so I resent the CSV file.
So a week have passed, nothing. No more response or follow up from Artfire. I emailed them back to follow up on the progress of my customer service inquiry. No response. A month have passed, and still no reply emails or follow up response from Artfire.
They have forgotten about me.

I will still keep trying to call them over and over again and send more emails so that they can see I am very serious about my cry for help. But it is their system not my computer or me, that is the problem.

Does anyone else have this problem trying to upload their CSV file (etsy inventory) to Artfire?

Anyways, I just wanted to write a follow up on my last Artfire review. Since many of you said that they have great customer service and even Tony (one of the executive at Artfire) wrote to me and suggested that I call them. Well, I just wanted to say that their customer service is no good if they don't get back to you! And I know that if I am having a problem with their platform, then others may too. So why don't they fix it. This problem have been going on for months and still no one has done anything about it. This is very frustrating!

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