I have an Artfire shop along with my 2 Etsy shops.

Why did I sign up for Artfire in the first place?
Well, I was really attracted to their low listing pricing. Just $10 a month and no per item listing fee or final value fees on sold items.

You really get what you pay for.
They really have no service. When customers email me, I could not email them back. I have had many customers who have emailed asking questions on my products on Artfire and when I email them back...I get a notice from my email saying that "the person I was trying to contact does not exist"....hmmm so what the heck is going on?

Why would so many people email someone a bunch of questions and don't provide a legitimate email address for that person to email them back? Is it a scam? Are these my competitors trying to annoy me? I have no clue. And what makes it worst is that I can't find anywhere on the Artfire website where their Admin would help me out with this kind of issues.

In addition, why isn't there a rule on Artfire that makes people verify their email address before they can send messages to other Artfire members?

I have also had a few incidences where people would purchase items in my shop and don't pay for the items. And there is no where on Artfire where I can set my shop setting so that upon checkout, payment must be made (like on Etsy). And then when I try to email the buyer back, I would have the email bounced back, and the message "the person you are trying to contact does not exist." What makes this problem worst is that the email notice that Artfire sents to sellers when they get a sale is very confusing. When someone checkouts through your shop and don't pay for the item, it looks the same as if someone had already paid. The only difference, is that there is a very small print at the very bottom of the screen that would say that "this order has not been paid." Wow, I have almost missed it a few times. And the first time I got a sale, it was a phony buyer and I didn't even see the little note at the bottom that said that the buyer hasn't paid; and I had already wrapped the item to get it ready to be mailed off. But while I was double checking for the mailing address, I realized that I couldn't find them in my paypal that meant that they had not paid. I then sent the buyer an email asking them to pay for the item or if they had changed their mind, just let me know. But the email bounced back to me and it said that "the person you are trying to contact does not exist." What the heck!

I have had Artfire for a few months now, and I haven't really gotten any real sales from this website. In addition, all I have been getting from them are phony buyers and people emailing me, asking questions, and don't provide a real email address for me to respond back. I have been getting no help from their admin team so far, despite the fact that they advertise how they provide more help than Etsy...what a bunch of BS! Excuse my language!

But I am writing this review to let all of my readers know how horrible of a service and program Artfire is and that if you are planning to open an Artfire shop, please think twice about it. I am planning to close my Artfire shop soon!

If you have had a different experience than mine, please comment. Or if you know the solution to my call for help, please comment as well; as I do not get any help from the admins at Artfire. Thanks.

***Oh and I wanted to clarify: I am not stating that Artfire is a Scam. I am merely stating that I am suspicious that some of the people who are contacting me through Artfire are Scammers. And that they are trying to purchase my products and not make payments for them. And possibly trying to get me to ship out their orders without first making payments. I have never had these issues with Etsy or Ebay before so this is a major concern.

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