February 09, 2011


This is where I will be posting the How-Tos of owning and running your own business. My Biz 101 posts will primarily focus on business advice for women and this blog is mainly designed for women running their businesses from home. I think that motherhood is one of the best gifts that God have given women, but I also don't believe that one would have to give up what they love to do if they are mothers or wants to be a mother. So that is why I have designed this BIZ 101 series for Stay At Home Women who wants to do more!

Biz 101 is designed for Beginners with no experience in business, Intermediates who have some experience but need a little bit more help and advice, and Advance Entrepreneurs who can use some tips here and there and stay on top of our ever changing market and world.
Most of our advices, Tutorials, and How-Tos are for women and businesses catered to women products and services. Sorry...but no boys stuff here!
As a Business Major in college, I really feel that there have been a lack of female support in the business market. Boys will always have their "boys club" and as a woman myself, I do feel left out. Plus, with the growing population of female business owners and female oriented products and services, I feel that business experts sometimes ignore to give female entrepreneurs the correct advice.

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