February 28, 2011


Create a personal brand and use your resources that you currently already know.
  • Network with people that you know and spread the word slowly.
  • Remember, nothing happens overnight. Building a business means you have to start with a good foundation.
  • Keep your word...if you say that you are going to do something, then make sure that you do it. There is nothing people in business dislike more than a flaky person or business that they are dealing with. You want others to know that you are reliable, otherwise you will loose business so fast.
  • Make sure all of your public images (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Shop, Logo, Brand, Labels) have the same company message and theme. You want everything to look cohesive as one company and not having a bunch of confusing and conflicting themes and messages. You want to articulate a CLEAR company message and product offering.
  • Organization and simplicity in your idea and images are key.

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