I have always loved Solder Glass Pendants pieces.  But because the process to make these are so time consuming and the materials used are so pricey that I can never find solder glass pendant pieces that are affordable.  In addition to that, working with soldering materials can be toxic.  Many of the materials that are required to make soldered jewelry have toxins in them and they do give off toxic fumes when working with them.  I am very sensitive to chemicals so traditional materials and processes are not an option for me...there has to be a better way I thought to myself. So it took many years of researching, practicing, making many mistakes, and failures...I've finally perfected a process that is affordable, beautiful, and quality at the same time.  So here is a sneak peak of my newest line of Cabochons and Cameo pieces...Solder Glass Pendants pieces.  These are made from resin, plastic, glass, metals, etc... Many are found objects and recycled materials.  And because they are made from different types of eco-friendly materials, I will call these Faux Solder Cabochons & Pendants



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