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My name is Rachel Steck I have been making Hemp jewelry since I was in high school. It all started with people wanting the hemp jewelry I made myself. It has stuck with me through the years and now I run 3 shops here on etsy where I sell my hemp jewelry and Hand knit items. I like to use hemp for so many different reasons. Hemp is environmentally friendly, it is very versatile fiber and is a unique way to accessorize.

Hemp is an affordable alternative to the mainstream trend which typically changes every couple of months. Hemp is Biodegradable which means less trash in the landfills. Hemp is also a sustainable resource. It is one of the fastest growing biomasses known and it was one of the first domesticated plants. My first year at university I studied environmental sciences so I try to be as eco friendly as possible.

Hemp Jewelry has been popular since the 60’s and is a timeless fashion and very retro. Hemp is a very versatile material because it can be braided in many different ways, used with any type of bead, charm or pendant and hemp comes in many different colors. It is also very strong and has been used for plant holders, dog collars, belts and clothing as well as many food products. As far as jewelry goes it can be worn casually everyday or mixed with beautiful pendants and worn to an elegant evening affair. Over the past 10 years I have only seen a miniscule amount of people wear this very fashionable accessory. I think hemp gets a bad wrap because people think hemp is the same as marijuana, but it isn’t. Hemp is made from the Cannibis Sativa Plant which is different from Cannibis Indica which is used for recreational and medical use. There is also a miniscule amount of THC in Cannibis Sativa compared to Cannibis Indica which can have up to a 20% level of THC.

Hemp jewelry is not only for hippies and skater teenagers but is perfect for everyone of all ages. I have been running an online business www.rachinator87.etsy.com in which I sell a variety of crafts where I sell handmade hemp accessories.

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