1 pcs. Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Bottle Pendant Charm, Purple

What you get: 1 bottle: Alice in Wonderland theme Drink Me Bottle Pendant Charm in purple. This bottle looks like an expensive vintage Victorian bottle. Made of arcylic gems.
At the very of top of both bottles are wire loops so that you can add a jump ring and string a chain through (if you want to make a necklace), or just add it to a bracelet as is to be used as a charm. I made the loop in the picture in gold wires, but if you need them in silver, just let me know, it is not a problem.

Each Bottle is handmade by Me! :)
I made each bottle individually, so no two are ever the same. If you need more please let me know.

Due to my busy schedule, sorry I do not take any custom orders at this time.

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