12 Resin Frame Setting Bezel Victorian fit 40x30mm cameo BLACK 4.7

 *Only the FIRST PHOTO show the item that is for sale in this listing. ALL other photos are for sample and demonstrative purposes only, and are NOT for sale in this listing.

QUANTITY: Choose your lot size.
**If you need more than the quantity that is available, please purchase more than one listing.  We are not able to make this lot smaller.  

If you need more than one color, purchase more than one set. No mix and match colors per set please. Mix and Match colors are available at higher prices.

Lot sizes 50-100 may require 1-2 extra to process your order.

MATERIALS: Resin (a plastic like material). 


LARGE FRAMES:  frames measure about 75x47mm ( about 3x2 inches) each and the center area will fit a resin or glass cameo cabochon size 40x30mm, and you may have 1-3mm extra all around.  
These are flat backs.  

NOTE: all of my listings are measured in millimeters measurements.  
10 millimeters = 1 centimeter
25 millimeters = 1 inch


Low Dome  Cameos from my shop (non sticky).

High Dome  Cameos from my shop.

Glass Dome  Cameos from my shop.

3D Cameos from my shop.

(I cannot guarantee that cameos from other shops will fit my frames because I cannot control the quality of items from other sellers.  I can only guarantee compatibility of items in my shop because they have been tested and sampled before recommending it for use with compatible items in my shop).  

NOTE: all of my listings are measured in millimeters measurements. 
10 millimeters = 1 centimeter
25 millimeters = 1 inch

**More colors to choose from. Please refer to my shop for more color choices**

***This listing is for the frames ONLY. Any cameo and cabs shown in the listing is for sample and demonstration purposes only and are NOT included in this listing. These are available separately in my shop.***

You will receive the items that are very similar to the FIRST picture. 

The BEST value anywhere!

Color variations may vary from computer to computer and from batch to batch.  Even with the same suppliers making the same colors, colors can vary from batch to batch.  

These are water resistance but I DO NOT recommend that you wear these while exercising, showering, swimming, or while doing anything that will expose the item to prolong water contact.

**There are small imperfections on the backside and center of each frame and setting (small scratches, paint marks, small air bubbles, etc...). And because each piece is handmade individually and all of the mediums are applied by hand, the center may not be perfect, and may have some traces of paint, color mediums, etc... But since it is the back and center, it shouldn't be a problem, because you will cover the center up with an image anyways (so no one will see it). These frames are not 100% perfect. Because they are made by hand one by one, there are small imperfections. 
If the condition of the condition of the frames bothers you, please do not purchase.

Any questions, please ask!

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