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I travel a lot and love to collect eclectic vintage things. My little shop is a collection of vintage things that I have found in my travels and things that I have made by hand.
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being creative and making all of these little trinkets and things...I have so much FUN making these lovely things that I keep making them and I can't stop!  So I set up this little shop to sell them off so that I can keep making more of them.  They are all handmade and handcrafted from vintage finds, recycled materials, new and found objects.  Every once in a while I happen to stumble upon a good deal on supplies and I will share those finds and discounts with you.  So my little shop will have a mix of Charms, Pendants, Frames, Cabochons, Cameos, Flowers, ect... that I have hand crafted from scratch.  You can always find some findings and jewelry making supplies, and craft supplies that are really cool for you to use in your craft.  
In other words, Studio 11 Charms have things that I like that you can use in your own creative creations, either for personal use or to sell.  Anything that you purchase in my shop can be used for resell.  As long you don't make replicates, make molds of my original designs, sell the molds, or sell my designs that you have made from the molds.  
**NOTE**CREATIONS THAT I HAVE HANDCRAFTED FROM SCRATCH (like my Pendants, Frames, Cabochons, Charms, flowers, ect...) ARE NOT TO BE REPLICATED BY YOU FOR EITHER PERSONAL USE OR TO SELL.  I have spent A LOT of time and countless hours slaving away creating these little trinkets, charms, and treasures.  So please be respectful of that and don't make replicates of my original artwork (that includes copying my artwork in part or in full).    Making molds of my art creations are strictly PROHIBITED and are NOT allowed.  You may NOT make molds of my creations for personal or commericial use.  You may NOT sell molds that you replicated off of my designs.  If you purchase any of my pieces from my shop, you may however use them to create Jewelry and Accessories to sell in your own shop.  
Almost everything in our shop is handmade! Even the frames, pendants, and cabochons. They are hand made in a variety of materials and mediums (using a mix of new, vintage, and used components). They are hand painted, antiqued, glazed, etc... So the uneven tints, colors, distressed textures, and aged look are done on purpose and are in no way considered a defect. I love the distressed look because it gives the artwork character and charm.
IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE VINTAGE, OLD, DISTRESS, URBAN LOOK PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE. If you like the new "store bought" look, then our shop is NOT for you.
I live and ship out all of my orders right here in the USA. 90% of all of my supplies and materials are purchased and made in the USA. I use 98% non-toxic materials (paint, varnish, metals are lead and nickle free, resin, ect...). I am very sensitive to chemical fumes and toxins so I have to use as little chemical products as possible. I make a conscious effort to source only quality products. 
If you do not see items in my shop that you need or wants me to make or carry items that are hard to find, please email us your ideas and suggestions.  We LOVE special requests and really enjoy what we do.  So if there is something that you want us to make for you, just let us know.  And if we can make it for you, we will.  
We hope you like our shop!