12 Resin Frame Setting Bezel Gothic Coffin fit 40x30mm cameo WHITE 70.3
12 Resin Frame Setting Bezel Gothic Coffin fit 40x30mm cameo WHITE 70.3
12 Resin Frame Setting Bezel Gothic Coffin fit 40x30mm cameo WHITE 70.3

12 Resin Frame Setting Bezel Gothic Coffin fit 40x30mm cameo WHITE 70.3

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These are Heavy Items.


QUANTITY: 12 UNITS (If you need more than the quantity available, contact us through email and we may be able to get you more). We are selling at wholesale prices. The lowest prices for the quality that we have seen. For more info on discounts and volume purchases, please go to our website for larger quantity orders and discounts.


COLORS: Please be aware that colors may vary from different computer monitors. The pictures have not been photoshopped and were taken during the day with natural lighting. We've done our best to show the products that you will be receiving. These are also handmade in small batches so colors could vary slightly from one batch to another. But we do our very best to group similar colors together.

MADE TO FIT CAMEOS & CABOCHONS SIZE: YOU CHOOSE...See the choices above in the option menu. We also sell cabochons, cameos, cabs, etc... that are made to fit these settings and size. Please look into our shop and website for more complimentary items. **Works great with our "Bottle cap Cameos"**

HOLE DRILLED OR NOT DRILLED TO BE USED AS PENDANTS: Some designs have holes predrilled into them and some designs do not. The items that you receive may or may not have holes predrilled into them. Please refer to the first image in the listing for details. And you can always email us to confirm as well. If you have specific needs, you need to email us BEFORE you checkout and BEFORE the items are shipped. To make pendants and necklaces from non predrilled settings, all you have to do is glue a bail or hook on the back of the settings. From there you can add a jump ring to loop a chain through.

MADE WITH USA MANUFACTURED RESIN AND ARE LABELED AS NON TOXIC. However these are not toys and should only be used to make craft products that are not used for food. Keep out of reach of children. **we sell cameos and cabochons that are made specifically to only fit our frames, settings, and bezels. If you purchase cameos and frames from other sellers, they may not be compatible with our products. Even if the measurements are label the same. This has been our experience when purchasing craft supplies. That is why we created our own bezels, settings, frames, cameos, and cabochons that are made to fit well with each other. That being said, customers have the choice to purchase supplies from whoever they want. But we are not responsible for other people's products that do not fit or work well with our products.

Water resistance. But should not be worn during bathing, swimming, submerge under water, submerge under any liquid, etc... The better care that you take of your items, the longer they will last.