Circle Silver metal frame w/ 2 glass slides pendant charm KIT

Once we sell out of these items, that is it. We will not be able to find anymore of these. 

QUANTITY: choose your lot size.
(Each Set Includes 3 pieces = Includes 1 metal frame, 2 glass slides)

Silver plated metal frame.
Measures approx. 1.125 inches.

The metal frame can open up and can be re-closed. 
Just insert any picture or flat object in the middle of the 2 glass slides (like a sandwich). Then open the frame up on the top by twisting/screwing the metal piece at the top of the frame. Insert the slides and twist/screw back up the top piece. You are done!

You can re-use this as many times as you like. So if you want, you can change the image in the middle as often as you like. And this slide is double-sided, so it's like having 2 charms in 1. 

There is a loop or ring that is soldered at the top of the pendant so that you can add a jump ring and string a chain through to make it into a necklace, or if you want, you can make it into a charm and hang it on a bracelet, keychain, cell phone, back-pack, purse...the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild.