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We get so many requests for sample products that we have this permanent listing for all samples requests.  

We provide free sample requests to most items to our customers all over the world.  However, it still costs us money for the postage fee for every sample request, so we cannot absorb the cost of mailing out samples, that would be too substantial.  So we do offer free samples to most items in our shop; however, the recipient is required to pay for the postage fees.  


Select from the menu above what type of sample you would like.

QUANTITY: You get 1 item for sample per listing, so if you need more than 1 item for samples, just add more than 1 listing to your cart. 

MEASUREMENTS: each item have different measurements and materials, if you have a specific need, please contact us FIRST before you check out.  

COST: MOST items are free of charge for samples; however Not all sample items are free because it does cost us money for the items.  

IMAGES: You can select the type of sample item that you want, but the image will be at random from our stock.  So will not be able to choose specific image from our stock.  If you would like to request a custom image or select your image of choice, there will be $5 custom fee charge for our extra time to make the specific sample item and image.  

RESIN FRAMES: You can choose any 1 frame style that we carry for samples from our shop per listing.

METAL FRAMES/ SETTINGS: You can choose any 1 frame style that we carry for sample from our shop per listing.

DESIGNER SERIES FRAMES: Select Designer Series frames if you are requesting a frame style with patterns and not a plain color. 

These are specialized items that are limited in quantity from our stock so there will be a charge for this item.  You will receive 1 random designer frame per listing.  



***If you request something else that is not covered by this listing, please email us and let us know of your needs.  Be specific and list out all of your needs so that we can better service your requests.  Vague and generalize requests will require more follow up emails and thus slowing down the processing time and shipping time of your sample items.