Resin Cameo LOW DOME Oval Alice in Wonderland, ABSINTHE 1

Quantities: YOU CHOOSE.  Choose from 25 pieces collection or 6 pieces collections
Measurements: CHOOSE YOUR SIZE

Thickness: 1-2 millimeters thick
Larger sizes will cost more than smaller sizes.  

THEY ARE RESIN CAMEOS WITH THE IMAGES ALREADY SEALED IN RESIN.  See "Extended Information" tab for more details.


All ready for you to stick it to any setting you want. Unlike most other cameo sellers, these are not plain flat backs. You DO NOT need to use Glue! Very easy and convenient to use. All you have to do is peel the protective paper on the back of the cameo and stick the cameo to any setting that you want. These are individually cut. All ready for you to make whatever you want with it. Very high quality craftsmanship.

1-25 = 25 pieces (complete collection)
1-6 = 6 pieces (images #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
7-12 = 6 pieces (images #7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
13-18 = 6 pieces (images #13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)
19-24 = 6 pieces (images #19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24)

Choose Non Sticky Back if you are planning to use glue.  Otherwise, choose the Sticky Back feature.  

Sizes are listed in millimeters.  To convert to inches, take the number of millimeters and divide this number by 25 to get the measurement in inches.  
1 inch = 25 millimeters
(example. number of millimeters / 25 mm = number of inches)

These are similar to glass cabochons but they are NOT the same things. You do NOT need to use the glass cabochons with these resin cameos. You do NOT need to purchase separate resin cameos either. Everything have been done for you! Just glue or use the sticky back feature and stick these cameos to any FLAT and clean surface that you want to adhere to. The sample pictures in the listing show exactly what these resin cameos look like. What you will receive will look exactly like the sample pictures, except with your image collection that you have selected according to the listing (of course). Please refer to my blog for more information on how to use, the difference between resin and glass cabs, when to use each type, etc...

What you see is what you get (first photo)!

***This listing is for the RESIN CAMEOS ONLY*** Frames and settings that are shown in this listing is for sample and demo purposes only. They are NOT for sale with this listing. If you wish to purchase the settings and frames, please let me know and I can set up a listing for you. Check my shop for other frames and settings styles available.

Save yourself money and time. I've already done all of the hard work for all you have to do is play with your imagination. Glue this to any settings, frames, or just add a bail on the back, and you are done. Simple, easy, and fast. Time is money honey!

Great for Steampunk, Jewelry making, Scrapbooking, use in your collages, and much much more. Perfect for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headbands, rings, broaches, pins, and so much more. Light weight and high in quality and craftsmanship. Light weight and ideal for earrings and necklace pendants. Use your imagination. 100% handmade from scratch!!! Lots of time, love, and care were put into making these.

These are water resistance but I DO NOT recommend that you wear these while exercising, showering, swimming, or while doing anything that will expose the item to prolong water contact.

Some crafters prefer the non sticky back because they like to use glue. Although you can use glue with the sticky back ones as well (just DO NOT peel off the protective paper cover that covers the sticky back. And apply glue directly on the back), some crafters prefer to use glue on the plain paper back. 
How to use glue with the sticky back cameos: DO NOT peel off the protective paper cover that covers the sticky back, and apply glue directly on the back. Or you can peel off the protective cover, use the sticky back to stick to a thicker paper or card stock paper, cut around the cameo, and then apply glue to the back afterwards. 

All items are handmade and Ship out from the USA.

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