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Rush shipping.

Purchase this listing with your order to receive RUSH SHIPPING Services.
*You will get a tracking number when your order is shipped.
*This shipping price is an additional to the regular standard shipping fee.
$39.99 for all international destinations & Canada (prices for international and Canada may change depends on weight. But this is for everything less than 1 pound or 500 grams).
$19.99 for USA

***NOTE: The $2.50 fee is the fee that Etsy and Paypal charges me for processing. Sorry but I have to charge this to you since Etsy and Paypal charges me for this.
And I have to put the $39.99 in the shipping section and not where the price is, otherwise Etsy will take an additional very large fee for themselves and I will not have enough money left over for the shipping cost. Because shipping quote are exactly from the Post Office. I do not make extra money off of the shipping fee.***

*Please provide your Phone number and email address when you check out (required by the post office). Please leave me a note with these information under "note to seller." Please do NOT leave me a note through Paypal, because I will not get it in time before your order is shipped. Thanks.

Processing time: 1 day or sooner.
For items that need to be made, processing time may be longer because I have to make the items and wait for everything to dry 100% first before I can ship anything out.

If order is purchased and Rush Shipping is paid for before 12pm (noon) New York City time, package will be ship out same day and you will receive your package the next day.
If purchased and paid for after 12pm (noon) New York City time, package will be ship out the next day when the post office opens and you will receive your package at the end of the day (next day), or before noon the day after that.
NOTE: (If you live in a very rural area, next day service may not be available, but 2 days service guarantee is always available, but this costs the same as the next day service). I won't know if you are in the 2 days (rural zone 5) region until I take your package to the post office and they tell me. I just wanted to note that here so that you will know what to expect and that there will be no surprises.

***Canada and ALL other International Destinations 3-6 days Express Shipping.
(Sorry but Overnight not available for Canada and International Destinations due to customs processing).

Shipping time is quoted by the Post Office*
**Paypal and Etsy charges for each transaction fee (including on Shipping Charges), and this is an exact quote from the post office...I have not included the Transaction fees.
If you have a large order and you need Rush Shipping and Priority Delivery Services, I will pay for the transaction fees for you.

But for customers who have small orders of under $50, and you want Rush Shipping and Priority Delivery Services, I will have to charge you the transaction fee for Etsy and Paypal. Because I don't make enough money off of your order to be able to absorb the transaction cost. I would be loosing money. Thank you for your understanding.